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NRA Advanced Wound Care Pvt Ltd. is the joining of well trained, passionate and dedicated talent, State of the art technology including the addition of HBOT(HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy). A first of its kind venture providing quality care for wounds of all kinds.


EASY 1 is to empower the patient with the right knowledge so he understands all the tests and the treatment whic are offered to him so he can act.

Skin: Skin is the most important aspect in the foot and a break in this is called a wound. Skin in diabetic subjects is cracked as it is prone for dryness. Examine the skin in the foot sole everyday soon after bath and keep it like how would look after the face.

Bones: Forms the pillar of strength. Deformities can devastate the biomechanical properties of the foot and cause pain, and leads to ulceration. Your doctor will explain the finer details after suitable tests.

Nerves: The foot is a very sensitive organ and adapts and protects the various unparelled stresses it undergoes. If the nerves are damaged it can result in the ulcer formation the precursor of amputation and sometimes the loss of life. An insensate foot is like being blind and each step fraught with dangers of injury.

Blood Supply: Blood is life and life is blood. There can be decreased blood to the foot. Imagine what could happen. Pain, Cramps and more importantly wounds just won't heal. Your doctor will explain what tests to be done and what to do.
EASY 2 is to the tests and assess the status of the various organ which get affected in diabetic feet. This is for the doctors to act where necessary.

Skin: Hardness is measured with a shoremeter. It reflects the inelasticity of the skin of the foot. This leads to injuries and is more prone to ulcers.

Bones: X-rays still form an important aspect of the tests. It detects deformties and can detect Charcots foot. Early or even late correction forms the hallmark of modern treatment of diabetic bony correction. Expect the best expert treatment.

Nerves: Insensate foot is dangerous and objective evaluation is very essential. Biothesiometer and plotting a LAW of mobility will detect the defective nerves. Defective nerves can be fully cured with medications in early stages or by the surgical reversal of nerve in the ankle called the Tarsal Tunnel Release.

Blood Supply: Test of vascular adequacy is important. Hand held Doppler is a good test to find out blood flow. Doppler examination is next and ask your technician about the ABI and to interpret the Doppler study.

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